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Writing Argumentative Essays

Students will be called upon to write an argumentative essay in high school and college. Writing an argumentative essay is very different than presenting an argumentative speech. Knowing how to do both is important. The written argument requires a more detailed description as the reader has the luxury of fully analyzing the case. Writing has more permanence and must survive the test of time. The use of language to maintain the reader's attention is essential as the writer can't use their voice to maintain the audience's attention. Grammar, punctuation, and sentence structure are more scrutinized. The written word is a powerful tool for all our students.

Topics and Concepts Covered

  • Developing Writing Style
  • Word Choice
  • Organizing Coherent Speech
  • Avoiding Grammatical Errors
  • Developing a Thesis
  • Keeping the Reader Engaged
  • Structuring Essay with Topic Sentences
  • Integrating and Synthesizing sources into Essay
  • Develop Logical Arguments to support Thesis
  • Using Precise Language to Create Meaning and Connect with Audience

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