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Our goal is to enrich the lives of students through public speaking and debate. To do that, we gather expert staff, with a diverse group of students, and select excellent facilities and locations to create fun, safe, and supportive environments.

Capitol Debate Headquarter Staff

    Ron Bratt has given his life to developing debate skills in children because he has seen how it enhances their intellectual growth. He has been involved in creating high school debate and college deba…  Read More »

Ron Bratt

CEO of Capitol Debate

    Diana Crews is passionate about debate. As a former policy debater, she recognizes the value of debate and has worked to provide the debate experience to as many students as possible in her previous r…  Read More »

Diana Crews

Marketing & Student Services Associate

    Brian Fish started as a debater in high school. From his freshman year in 2002 to his senior year in 2006, he participated in various tournaments across California competing in Policy Debate. He accre…  Read More »

Brian Fish

Student Advisor & Outreach Coordinator

    Felippe Gazio joined Capitol Debate full time in 2017 as the Contact & Technology Coordinator. Felippe had previously worked for Capitol Debate over summer as a media specialist. He is originally from…  Read More »

Felippe Gazio

Content & Technology Coordinator

    For over 15 years, Victor Gazio has utilized his passion by working with youth organizations. Victor has been involved with Capitol Debate since its inception. Prior to working full-time with Capitol …  Read More »

Victor Gazio

Chief Operations Officer

    John Gibson joined Capitol Debate in 2016 as a Talent Acquisition & HR Associate. He is now the manager of the Human Resources department. He is passionate about working with people and for people- he…  Read More »

John Gibson

HR & Operations Manager

    Nanci Gurgis came to Capitol Debate after a 28-year career in dealer/institution bond trading with a major brokerage firm as a limited partner and a ten-year hiatus to raise her son. She loves working…  Read More »

Nanci Guris

Finance & Logistics Coordinator

    Jacqueline Kelleher has over 6 years of experience in Marketing and Event Planning. Among many unique traits, Jacqueline is an avid improvisation enthusiast and fine arts appreciator. Before joining …  Read More »

Jackie Kelleher

Student Advisor and Outreach Coordinator

    Mackenzie Leveque graduated from Point Loma Nazarene University with a degree in Journalism, while competing in college debate. Though she started college debate with no debate experience, she was ran…  Read More »

Mackenzie Leveque

Marketing and Student Service Associate

    Joy Liesegang is a native Californian and a graduate from Point Loma Nazarene University with a BA in Political Science. She has a passion to help children feel comfortable and confident in who they a…  Read More »

Joy Liesegang

Compliance and Operations Associate

    Kendall Reid graduated from the University of California, Irvine with a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology and Social Behavior. She has a passion for helping children and teenagers grow and become the bes…  Read More »

Kendall Reid

Administrative and Logistics Assistant

    Calandra Rothrock has a performing arts background and holds her Bachelor's Degree in Theatre from the University of California San Diego. Calandra's experience also includes working with yout…  Read More »

Calandra Rothrock

Events & Operations Coordinator

    Iliana Rubin moved from Santa Barbara where she graduated with a Bachelors of Arts in Communication with a background in sales and customer service. She loves helping others enhance their communicatio…  Read More »

Iliana Rubin

Marketing and Student Service Associate

Summer Camp Directors

  • Daniel Austin

    Middle School Social Studies Teacher, Graduate Student at Rutgers University

  • Daniel Austin is a middle school social studies teacher in Piscataway, NJ, where he frequently incorporates debate and public speaking activities into the ancient and medieval history curricula. A lif…  Read More »

  • Savon Ayodeji

  • Savon Ayodeji debated for 3 years with the Capitol Debate family in high school, advancing to elimination rounds at many nationally ranked tournaments before debating for 4 years at Liberty University…  Read More »

  • Stan Banks

    Director of Forensics for West Orange High School in Florida

  • Stan Banks is committed to giving back to the debate community that provided him with a transformational experience as a student. He believes debate doesn't just teach valuable communication and a…  Read More »

  • David Dejesa

  • David Dejesa is the advisor and debate coach of record for the Riverside Speech and Debate Team in Greer, SC. He has twice served as the South Carolina Speech Coaches' Association President and is cur…  Read More »

  • Brad Hicks

    U.S. History, Government, and Economics Teacher, Williston High School

  • Bradley T. Hicks has been a teacher for 17 years and currently teaches U.S. History, Government, and Economics in Williston, Florida. He holds a B.A. from Centre College in Danville, Kentucky. Inspire…  Read More »

  • Chuck McCarthy

    AP American History Teacher at Wall Hall School

  • Chuck McCarthy has held multiple roles at Wall Hall School in Wall, New Jersey from AP American History Teacher to National Honors Society Faculty Advisor to Social Studies/ROTC Department Chairperson…  Read More »

  • Gail Nicholas

    Co-Coach of Bob Jones Academy Speech & Debate and Social Studies Department Head

  • Gail Nicholas has coached speech and debate for over 30 years at Bob Jones Academy where she teaches American Government. For over a decade she has served as the district chair for the National Speech…  Read More »

  • Chuck Nicholas

    Co-Coach of Bob Jones Academy Speech & Debate

  • Since 1985 Chuck has coached all forms of debate as well as High School & Middle School Mock Trial. He also directs plays. At the 2016 NSDA SLC Nationals , he co-coached the 8th place South Carolina…  Read More »

  • Ryan Rigda

    Director of Speech and Debate, Texas A&M University

  • Ryan is currently the Director of Speech and Debate at Texas A&M University where he is working on completing his Ph.D. in communication. In addition to coaching the speech and debate team, Ryan a…  Read More »

  • Terri Robinson

    Speech & Debate Teacher and Coach at Akins High School, Austin, TX

  • Terri Robinson has been with Capitol Debate for 3 years, since 2016. She formally taught at East View High School in Georgetown, Texas where she has been actively involved in the speech & debate commu…  Read More »

  • PJ Samorian

    Speech and Debate Department Chairperson at American Heritage Schools in Plantation and Boca/Delray Florida

  • P.J. Samorian has served the speech and debate community for 30 years. He is currently the Speech and Debate Department Chairperson at American Heritage Schools in Plantation and Boca/Delray Florida. …  Read More »

  • Kinny Torre

    Debate Program Director at Wesley Academy

  • Kinny Torres competed in policy debate for three in high school, where he was the captain of his policy team and won several tournaments in the Washington State Area. In college, he competed in Parli…  Read More »

  • Dan Wadley

    Biblical Ethics Instructor at The McCallie School

  • Dan Wadley has been teaching Biblical Ethics at The McCallie School for the past thirteen years. He has a total of 39 years in teaching career at two different schools. During his current time at McCa…  Read More »

Summer Camp Life & Wellness Staff

  • Hailey Cruz

  • Hailey Cruz earned her Bachelor's Degree in English Education in May 2015 at Kean University. She spent one year oversees in Wenzhou China, where she taught English to Chinese students, …  Read More »

  • Colette Dorsey

  • Colette Doresey lives in Aberdeen, Maryland. She is proud to be involved in secondary education for 26 years. Colette sponsors the Speech and Debate Club at Patterson Mill High School. She a…  Read More »

  • Gabrielle Duboff

    School Nurse at Queen of Angels School

  • Gabrielle is a Baccalaureate Prepared Registered Nurse, proudly raised in the city of Chicago. She currently works as an inpatient pediatric mental health nurse. She has been …  Read More »

  • Sylvie Perroud

    Head School Nurse at the French International School in Bethesda, Maryland

  • Sylvie has been a registered nurse since 1982 and has been working in hospitals and schools in France and the United States ever since. When she is no…  Read More »

  • Ajene Robinson-Burris

    Doctoral Student at University of Colorado

  • Ajene Robinson-Burris is originally from Michigan and an alumna of the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. She is currently a Philosophy PhD student at the University…  Read More »

  • Linda Rzatkiewicz

    Registered Nurse

  • Linda Rzatkiewicz has been a Registered Nurse for 36 years, working at the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit of the University of Rochester in New York. She has done private duty nursing with inf…  Read More »

  • Lauren Scoggan

    5th Grade Teacher at Hirsch Elementary (San Antonio Independent School District) in San Antonio, Texas

  • Lauren Scoggan is originally from Alabama and is an alumnus of The University of Alabama. Lauren has taught 5th Grade at Hirs…  Read More »

  • Tracy Tambaoan

    Registered Nurse

  • Tracy Tambaoan has spent 27 years serving as a Registered Nurse in the healthcare field. Much of her clinical background has been in ICU Nursing. Tracy currently works as a school nurse K-8 …  Read More »

Summer Camp Instructional Staff

  • Chris Ahern

    12th-grade English teacher

  • Chris Ahern has been teaching 12th-grade English in New Jersey for 22 years. During his tenure, he has been the high school debate team coach while integrating debate into his instruction. H…  Read More »

  • Brian Alford

    Director of Speech and Debate at A&M Consolidated High School, College Station, TX

  • When Brian Alford was a competitor in high school, he was a policy and extemp guy. While in college, he had a small company providing judges to tourna…  Read More »

  • Margarita Artoglou

    College senior majoring in Communication and Media Studies with a concentration in Journalism and minoring in English

  • Margarita Artoglou is a college senior majoring in Communication and Media Studies with a concentration in Journalism and min…  Read More »

  • Jessica Beckett

    Secondary English teacher

  • Jessica Beckett, a full-time secondary English teacher, has motivated and prepared students to compete in Model United Nations and Public Forum as a Head Debate Coach for the past year. Befo…  Read More »

  • Daniel Bronson

    High school social studies teacher and debate coach at Dover High School

  • Daniel Bronson is currently a high school social studies teacher and debate coach at Dover High School in Dover, New Jersey. He teachings Advanced Pla…  Read More »

  • Matt Campbell

    Teaches 8th Grade history, civics, and geography in Abington, Massachusetts

  • Matt Campbell has spent seven years teaching 8th Grade history, civics, and geography in Abington, Massachusetts. Matt has been involved in running de…  Read More »

  • AJ Crawford-Kuhrts

    Debate student and Entrepreneurship major at Point Loma Nazarene

  • AJ Crawford is currently pursuing a B.S. in Business Management and Entrepreneurship at Point Loma Nazarene University in San Diego. AJ won numerous a…  Read More »

  • Matthew Doggett

    Assistant Professor and Director of Debate at Hillsdale College

  • Matthew Doggett is an Assistant Professor and Director of Debate at Hillsdale College from 2010-present, Ph.D. in Communication from the University of…  Read More »

  • David Finnigan

    Speech and Debate Coach at Beverly Hills High School

  • David Finnigan is the Speech and Debate Coach at Beverly Hills High School and an assistant debate coach at Santa Clara University in California's…  Read More »

  • Boka Golubovic

    Teacher of Philosophy , Logic and Debate at Gimnazija

  • For over 10 years, Bojana Golubovic has been a teacher of philosophy. Currently she works as a teacher of Philosophy and Logic in Serbia. She has been…  Read More »

  • Deitrick Goodwin

    Teacher at Holy Angels Catholic school of Baltimore and Former debate coach with the Baltimore Urban Debate league

  • …  Read More »

  • Debby Haren

    Teacher of Debate and Debate coach at Harker Heights High School in Killeen, TX

  • Debby Haren is an experienced teacher and debate coach. She loves working at summer debate camps because it gives her a chance to do what inspires her…  Read More »

  • Doug Miller

    Director of Debate, Fairmont Preparatory Academy, Anaheim, CA

  • Doug Miller was formerly the Director of Debate at Fairmont Preparatory Academy in Anaheim, California. As a coach at Fairmont, Doug lead Fairmont Pre…  Read More »

  • Omar Moore

  • Omar Moore served as Debate Captain & President of the Advanced Technologies Academy Debate Team in Las Vegas, NV. Throughout his four years of high school, he primarily competed in Public F…  Read More »

  • Paul Narey

    Debate coach and professor of communications at the University of Wyoming

  • Paul Narey is a debate coach and professor of communications at the University of Wyoming this school year. Before this, he taught debate in Korea and…  Read More »

  • Ruby Nunez

    Programs and Operations Associate at Denver Urban Debate League

  • Although her focus of study is in the sciences, Ruby Nunez has been involved with the debate community throughout her academic career. While in high s…  Read More »

  • Richie Panuyas

  • Richie has been a professional educator for over seven years. He has worked with all populations at every grade (K-12) and every level (Special Ed to Gifted). He has worked at summer program…  Read More »

  • Oliver Parker

    Debate Coach at Spain Park High School

  • Oliver is a teacher and a debate coach at Spain Park High School in Birmingham, Alabama. His teams have reached late rounds at major tournaments and qualified multiple times f…  Read More »

  • Lauren Pauls

  • Lauren Pauls has been debating for eight years and coaching for three. She was the top speaker at the North American Women's Debating Championship in 2017 and has competed at the World U…  Read More »

  • Michael Perry

  • As a member of the Instructional Team at Capitol Debate, Michael Perry is passionate in his desire to help students develop important life skills that will have a positive impact on their ed…  Read More »

  • Gabe Rusk

  • Gabe Rusk has spent the vast majority of his life dedicated to speech and debate. As a debater in high school he won the most competitive national championship in Public Forum debate AKA the…  Read More »

  • Josh Schulster

    Double majoring in Political Science and International Affairs at Florida State University

  • Josh Schulster spent four years debating with Boca High and quickly developed a passion for Public Forum debate. As a sophomore, Josh was the captain…  Read More »

Summer Camp Counselors

  • Allen Abbott

    Senior at the Quarry Lane School in California

  • Allen Abbott attends the University of Chicago, where he studies economics and p…  Read More »

  • Josie Banks

    Nursing Major at Westminster College

  • Though Josie Banks competed in Public Forum Debate, her background is primarily on the public speaki…  Read More »

  • Emily Beckett

  • An experienced youth advocate, Emily Beckett recently graduated with her B.S.W., Bachelors in Social Work, from Cairn Un…  Read More »

  • James Chen

    Senior at Millburn High School in New Jersey

  • James Chen is a senior debater at Millburn High School in New Jersey, where he s…  Read More »

  • Asima Choudhury

    Senior at the University of Central Florida majoring in legal studies with specializations in litigation & advocacy and criminal law

  • Asima Choudhury is a senior at…  Read More »

  • Grace Findley

    Senior at Boca Raton Community High School

  • Grace Findley is a senior at Boca Raton Community High School where she has serv…  Read More »

  • Benjamin Hanson

    Senior at DuPont Manual High School in Louisville, Kentucky

  • Benjamin Hanson is currently attending Western Kentucky University with the…  Read More »

  • Ryley Hartwig

    Political Science Major at Florida State University

  • Ryley Hartwig is finishing his second year at Florida State University, maj…  Read More »

  • Bryce Henshaw

    First-year college student at Willamette University

  • Bryce Henshaw is a student at Willamette University. She has had six years …  Read More »

  • Kyle Holub

    Studying engineering at Texas A&M

  • Kyle Holub started debate as a sophomore in high school, and it completely changed his life. Debate …  Read More »

  • Adrienne Houpt

  • Adrienne Houpt is currently a Counseling major at Bob Jones University in Greenville, South Carolina. While in high scho…  Read More »

  • Delaney Hurley

  • Delaney Hurley is currently on a gap year in Bulgaria funded through the US State Department's YES Abroad scholarshi…  Read More »

  • Rachel Mauchline

    Assistant Coach Bentonville High School/University of Arkansas Majoring in Communications

  • Rachel Mauchline spent four years debating at Bent…  Read More »

  • Katherine McCann

  • Katherine McCann is a senior in high school at Bob Jones Academy in Greenville, South Carolina. Throughout high school …  Read More »

  • Amelia Peck

  • Amelia Peck is currently an instructor for Capitol Debate's Club League. She has competitively debated for six years…  Read More »

  • Philipp Reutter

    Senior at Boca Raton Community High School

  • Philipp Reutter, a senior at Boca Raton Community High School, serves as Vice Pr…  Read More »

  • Siena Ruggeri

    Bachelor of Arts in Politics, Peace and Justice Studies minor at Regis University

  • Siena Ruggeri has been involved in the debate comm…  Read More »

  • Olivia Sailors

    American Studies and Educational Studies double major at Macalester College, Class of 2020

  • Olivia Sailors competed in Policy Debate and Foren…  Read More »

  • Sal Sandoval

    Attending Bates College, Class of 2019

  • Sal Sandoval competed in Public Forum for four years at Cypress Woods High School in Houston, Texas.…  Read More »

  • Nicole Sandoval

  • For the last four years, Nicole Sandoval has competed in Public Forum debate. She has attended multiple national tournam…  Read More »

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