Boka Golubovic

Teacher of Philosophy , Logic and Debate at Gimnazija

Camp Instructor

For over 10 years, Bojana Golubovic has been a teacher of philosophy. Currently she works as a teacher of Philosophy and Logic in Serbia. She has been involved in both formal and informal educational work as well as teaching and training philosophy, logic, civil education, debate, and mock trial. Since October 2013, she has been involved in a bilingual course at the Institut Francais in Serbia and is an active French language student. She has a deep interest in changing the perspectives and paradigms of thinking about Serbia as a post-conflict country. After being given a chance to develop the methodology of teaching for various topics and exploring different civil education resources, she has had the chance to bring attention to and spark interest in discussing and analyzing conflict and post-conflict societies. She has been teaching for Capitol Debate for several years now and is excited to return this summer!